OneNote Learn conference is back in 2017 !

OneNote Learn conference is back in 2017 !

The Learn OneNote conference is back this year, promising to be stronger and better !

The agenda is dense, with 4 to 5 topics covered each day, for 7 days.

OneNote showcases in Education and Business will be broadcasted from 8:00 to 12:00 in the morning (PST time), meaning they will be live on the late afternoon / evening in Europe.

I will be sharing a smart technique to stay organized, manage a team, keep track of their tasks / assignements, and get things done even during hectics work hours, full of interruptions.

This technique doesn’t require any other program, avoiding the complexity or redundancy involved with other tandem-solutions.

By the way, as far as business productivity is concerned, the scope covered during the conference will be amazing :

  • Introduction to OneNote & Teams, by Kelly Marshall (OneNoteNote + Microsoft team)
  • Bullet Journal-style Notebook in OneNote, by Michele Christe​nsen
  • Making OneNote Your Secret Productivity Weapon, by Art Gelwicks (Task management)
  • 5 Steps for Succeeding with Personal Productivity using Microsoft OneNote, by Ståle Hansen (Pomodoro technique)
  • Team Productivity with OneNote, by Ståle Hansen (OneNote + Microsoft Planner + Jira)
  • Building a Workflow with OneNote and Outlook, by Noah Scherer (OneNote + Outlook)
  • OneNote for Business: Expert Secrets, by Walter Terry
  • The Ultimate OneNote Organizer: Checklists, Forms and Templates, by Sandy Morgan

I have highlighted above only some of the sessions that fall under the “Business Productivity” umbrella, but there are others scheduled (from “pen & paper to digital”, “One note with OneDrive”, “Onetestic”, “presenting wirelessly”) that may interest you as well.

So, look at the agenda in the Learn OneNote Conference 2017 web site, curated by Jared de Camp, get your free ticket, and enjoy attending…and learning !

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