New in Nebo 1.5 – editable interactive diagrams

Those of you who are following this blog, know how passionate I am about digital ink. Thus, I take a great interest in any piece of software that push further the enveloppe of digital ink.

Overall, for handwritten notes, OneNote is – in my opinion – unrivalled.

Nebo, nevertheless, offers a distinctive feature : interactive diagrams.

Even if I own more sophisticated softwares to draw organizational charts, or flowcharts, I enjoy using Nebo, and being able to draw charts with my stylus, as if I was scribbling on a white sheet of paper.

Nebo has several drawbacks though :

  • One of them, is the concept of fixed width pages : this choice simplifies the user interface (no zoom, no menu to set specific page size…), but it is a major hurdle when you need to expand your diagram horizontally…
  • The other, is the fact that Nebo won’t let you change the colour of the diagram’ boxes, or the text it contains. It’s the same with text blocks, by the way : you are supposed to perform further editing within Word. But – until recently – it was not possible to edit a diagram in Word neither because diagrams were exported as still images…

⇒ Now, diagrams are editable with Word’ drawing tool !

This really helps, because it avoids going back and forth between Word and Nebo, each time you want to edit your diagram.

Granted : it would be much better to lift the underlying limitation of Nebo : having to use a third party program to finalize your work (eventually print it), with the additional burden of saving it (hence choosing a file name and directory) spoils the fun of digital ink !

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Further reading : read this blog post for my updated benchmark of Nebo.


  1. Good review for the 1.5 version of Nebo.

    Wondering if you will do a review or the version 1.9 of Nebo.
    the new features:

    – iCloud & Google Drive: sync now supports even more cloud services, just pick your favorite.
    – Diagrams in PowerPoint: copy/paste fully editable diagrams to PowerPoint.
    – Quick tag menu: tap top-left icon of any text block to switch between title, subtitle and paragraph.

    • Thanks !
      Actually I just did a review of Nebo’ 1.6 & 1.9 updates last week.
      Cloud support and diagram editable in Powerpoint are great features !

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