Experimental features goes mainstream !

The new UI which was introduced a few months ago – as an « experimental feature » – becomes the standard UI (from version 17.8269) :


It is amazing how the User Interface has been honed further, with :

  • Notebook icons : now differentiating current notebook (opened) and other notebooks
  • Section tabs :
    • Now differentiating simple sections, and section group,
    • The symbol to expand the section group is now identical to the one used to expand sub-pages,
    • The section tabs now overlap with the dividing line between the notebook pane and the section pane.

    Some details, meticulously crafted.

The gear wheel has vanished : The Settings are now reached through a command on the upper right corner :


The Print icon, which was previously located on the « View » tab, has moved to the top banner : it’s much easier to find indeed !

Version 17.8241 : « print » icon in the “Viewmenu. 
Version 17.8269 : a new command on the upper right corner, where the “Print” command is now located, alongside with Settings.


By the way, what a long journey for this Print Command :

Follow the Journey of the “Print” command, in the last 12 month…

Interestingly, the « Experimental features »’ option remains in the Settings/Options, meaning that the OneNote Dev. team may still push and assess new features this way :
The first one is the « Researcher feature », which I’ll cover in a separate post later.


Updated 18/06 : The « Multiple Windows » feature went back ! (and shows in the View tab, in lieu of the « Deleted notes »)

Updated June 2017 : Added an illustration with 3 meticulously crafted details of the user interface, showing the close attention paid to detail.

Updated 30/08/2017 : The “Deleted notes” comes back, with new options (immersive readers…).

The View menu, as of August’ 30th

Update 22/8/2018 : “Simplified ribbon” introduced in OneNote UWP. Commands’ font size has been reduced, and the purple area has been reduced. The active Tab is now indicated by a purple underline below the Tab’s name :

Comparison previous tab & ribbon (left, in French) / “simplified ribbon” (right, in English)

(Refer to this article from Microsoft to know more about simplified ribbon)

The ribbons are still collapsible (a little known and understated feature, which was already available with the previous tab & ribbon style) :

LIRE AUSSI  Experimental features

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