1 Week with OneNote for W10 : Day 6 – Spell check


Today, I share a side note about the spell check, since it has been an issue for anyone writing in anything else than English, or – in my case – frequently using two languages in the same note.

Despite French being selected as the input language (« keyboard »), anything typed in OneNote for W10 is detected as English, thus underlined in red squiggly lines.

This issue is extremely annoying since the same note in OneNote desktop is not hampered by the same behaviour !
A few month ago, Microsoft added an option to hide the spelling errors :

Option added to workaround the issue.

But this workaround doesn’t tackle the issue seriously : I am still stuck with calculus, because in my country the decimal separator is a comma, not a dot :

The calculus is interpreted as English by default, so when there are decimal numbers involved (using comma, in most countries), no result is shown when you press Space after the equal sign.

So when the OneNote team said it would add a feature aiming at « checking spell in another language », it raised expectations among non-English users.

Disappointment : Unfortunately the new feature only allows to manually set the proofing language. Thus, the workaround is to manually indicate that each piece of text was typed in the langage already selected in the task bar to get rid of the annoying red squiggly lines : time consuming !

On the other hand, it’s getting quicker to switch from a language to another :

  • in OneNote desktop, the drop down menu shows all existing langages (much more than the ones installed in Windows), and although they work (through the internet I suppose), switching from – say – your native language to English is time consuming since you have to scroll down until you find the right one (7 click in total) ;
  • in OneNote for W10, the drop down menu offers a limited set of languages : only those installed in Windows (French and UK English in my case), plus US English.
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That’s all for today !

Tomorrow, it will be time to wrap up. Make sure to come back, and read my conclusion.


Nota June 4th : A solution may consist in uninstalling UK English, and rather install US English. Try that, and tell me if it works for you !

Nota June 5th : Another solution which seems to work more consistently : switch to another language (say English), and switch back to the language you intend to write in : this is like « forcing » the switch. You’ll need to do that each time you start OneNote for W10.

Update June 17th : 7 click to change the language in OneNote desktop, 2 in OneNote for W10 ! And the winner is…

Nota July 14th :  No more spell check issue since the Creators update !


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