1 Week with OneNote for W10 : Day 3 – Searching


searching searching

Yesterday, we covered the improved UI, and how it simplifies the navigation across pages. But when you are looking for a more remote note, or a specific word, it becomes more effective to use the « Search » feature.

Here also, there are some improvements :

The magnifier is now located on top of the page list (next to the name of the section), instead of the notebook pane, which comes in handy, because it’s now directly available most of the time.

Good point : the results of the search appear in a « permanent » pane, so that you can play with any resulting page (click on it, move into it, zoom in, even edit-it) without losing the pane.

This is clearly a distinct approach than in OneNote desktop, where you would have to « pin » the search’ result pane before « playing » with the results.

Sometimes, the searched word appears several times in a page. In this case Ctrl F (Find in Page) is useful : it allows to move from one occurrence of the searched word to the other simply by pressing Enter.

Suggestion : I wish this feature could be used also when using the magnifier (to move through from one page to the next) ! It can be confusing, because if you type Enter in this case, it inserts a line after the current occurrence (a word wrap) !

As I wrote in an earlier blog post (see 3D search), another way to search is to look for pages that have been recently edited. In OneNote for W10, you find the « Recent note » on top of the Notebook pane (always been there).

LIRE AUSSI  Narrow your Search

Limitation : when you select a « recent note » in the list, it doesn’t show the changes made on this page, nor is it possible to select a time span.

On the other hand, Microsoft did a great job integrating the « Page version » feature into OneNote for W10. Right click on any page, and Select « Page version ».

Good point : There again, the UI has improved as compared with OneNote desktop, because the results appear in a separate window, with a drop down list and a big button to confirm your selection.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more.


Update June : Recent notes in OneNote for W10 doesn’t offer the same feature as in OneNote desktop, thus it is inappropriate for a 3D search. I have updated my blog post accordingly.

Update September 2017 : I later discovered that the search feature is much slower in OneNote UWP. See this blog post for illustration. This is because pages are not indexed.

Update November 2017 : Pages are now indexed, and searching is now much faster !

And actually, there’s a convenient way to navigate across notebook-wide search result :


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