1 Week with OneNote for W10 : Day 1 – Editing


DAY 1 : Opening my professional notebook into OneNote for W10 : LETS GO !

Most of the time, I work on a custom template, which helps me keep track of activities, and tasks to be completed.
This template is designed to be used with typed text (keyboard) primarily.

Good point : Templates created in OneNote desktop are carried over in the App version, so each new page I insert automatically comes with the template I created for my daily journaling.

I use to write the initials of the person in charge of an action, next to a short description of the action, and its due date. When the action is in progress, I highlight the initials in yellow, and when it’s done, I « check » the initials and highlight them in green.

Disappointment : with typed text, you can only highlight in yellow !!!

I thought I could use the « other » highlighter (the one in the Draw tab), but nope : it does not work with the mouse (OneNote desktop offers more flexibility for that matter).

A workaround consists in copying the formatting (with the format painter), but that’s less than ideal…

In order to get the actions+ initials of the person in charge + due date all well aligned, I use a table with 3 columns (this is intended to work with keyboard / typed text : pressing TAB switch to the next column so things stay aligned easily, which visually helps the follow-up). When I’m done, I hide the borders of the table.

Missing feature : the Table menu don’t offer this option in OneNote for W10 (although Table Shading exists since October 2016)

LIRE AUSSI  Those tiny details that matter !

That’s it for today. But make sure to come back tomorrow for more.


Update June 3rd : I later discovered that Tables can’t be inserted within a Table : it’s a pity because I use this feature all the time !

Update August 11th : there is a solution to highlight in green : use Ctrl + 5 shortcut. Thanks to OneNoteCentral for this workaround ! By the way Ctrl + 4 highlight in yellow.

Note that those shortcuts highlight the whole line, not a single word though…

Update August 20th : starting with version 17.8471, more highlighing colours are finally available.

Update July 2018 : hiding table’ borders is now possible, as well as Table in table. So basically OneNote UWP catched up OneNote desktop with the features mentionned in this blog post. Cool !

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