One Week with OneNote for W10 : The Swap challenge

At the beginning of May, the OneNote team released a new – redesigned – version of OneNote for W10 (17.82). Since there were more than 15 new features bundled with the redesign, an « easter egg hunt » -like contest was organized through Twitter : definitely, the communication had to live up the significance of this upgrade !

This gave me a push to assess the new version, with a new approach : Rather than assessing each new feature separately, I decided to go for a comprehensive, immersive One Week trial.
I know I tend to overlook the « modern » version : I believe it is too weak for my professional requirements.

But many significant improvements were made since August last year, which ultimately led me to start using the App version sporadically in my private life.
As far as I am concerned, two major improvements helped make the turnaround possible :

  • a much disregarded, though essential one was the « editable ink » back in August 2016 : how could a digital notebook be lacking such an obvious feature ?!
  • the redesigned UI : since the beginning of the year, the UI evolved progressively to become consistent with other clients (OneNote Online, OneNote for iPad…), and more efficient at handling large collections of notes. Support for sub-pages and section groups, to name a few, were among the most significant new capabilities, along with more structured and more coloured navigation panes.

The May 2017′ update promises to finalize this long evolution :

  • allowing full customization of the navigation panes (notebook, section and note panes) and notebooks (nicknaming and colouring),
  • facilitating re-ordering of notes (cut & paste, drag and drop, and multiple page select),
  • being better integrated with other Apps (inserting details of meeting, « Printing to OneNote for W10 »)
LIRE AUSSI  Experimental features goes mainstream !

I am thus eager to assess it in real life, as my sole version (I swear I won’t use OneNote desktop for a week !).

Each day, for a week, I will blog a short post to share my findings.

Stay tuned !

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