Power BI and OneNote

OneNote now supports live embedded Power BI reports !

If you cope a lot with data, and don’t want to be limited to mere data crunching, but to draw out some useful insights instead, and share professional-looking reports, then Power BI is for you.

Although any Office 365 subscription allows for basic experiments in Power BI desktop (with reports stored locally, thus limited sharing options), you will need a professional (or academic) subscription to “Publish” your reports on the Power BI service (the web interface), for later visualization in OneNote.

First, in Power BI desktop, connect to your Professional account, and “Publish” your report.

Publish a report from PowerBI desktop

Then, connect to the Power BI service (https://powerbi.com), and obtain an URL.

File / Publish to web
Copy the URL


Then, paste it within OneNote :

PowerBI live in OneNote
Your interactive report fits well in OneNote !

With this addition, OneNote handles more than 20 formats : Watch by yourself !

A word of caution : you are potentially granting “access by anyone on the internet” with the “Publish to web” option. If your data are confidential, that may not be the right option.

If you have Power BI Pro, another option – “Embed in SharePoint Online” – will allow you to keep your report inside your organization, and manage it’s confidentiality. But you won’t be able to share it through OneNote this way, which was the purpose of this post…

Thanks to Mike Tholfsen, for sharing this great news :

Links :

  • Get started with Power BI : a short video to get the basics
  • ExceleratorBI : an excellent site with ressources for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.
  • I strongly recommend buying and reading Learn to Write DAX : if you get stuck with Power BI when trying to do slightly more complex things than drag & drop Pivot table or graph, this may be the right book to read for you : DAX is a journey, and you will be in good hands with Matt Allington !


    • Sure, but for reports published internally (i.e. confidential information), you may not be willing to “publish to the web” to get an URL to share…

    • The other option, “Embed in SharePoint Online” keeps the report inside your organization’ sharepoint, allowing you to manage it’s confidentiality. But you won’t be able to share your report through OneNote this way. You will however be entitled to show the report on a SharePoint Online page.

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