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Many new features were recently  introduced in OneNote for Windows 10, closing the gap with OneNote desktop : mostly editing features.


New options in Drawing tab


Among them, you may have noticed the following icon :


If you are familiar with OneNote desktop (in the desktop version, the same icon is available in the Insert tab, which is more logical), you already know that it helps inserting space between two paragraph (handwritten or typed), moving all text, annotations, pictures or sketch downward, so that you can resume your current paragraph :

Move downward (vertically) to insert space


In the example above, note that using this feature in the middle of a text container will split it into two separate text containers.

But did you know that :

  • this feature also works horizontally, to insert space between the margin, and your text :
From the left margin, you can insert space (horizontally)


and, more unexpectedly, the same icon allow to remove space !

Move upward (vertically) to remove space


This is definitively something you can’t do with a paper notebook, hence it’s worth using to get the most of your digital notebook !
See this tweet who announced this new feature.

LIRE AUSSI  Camera support for OneNote desktop

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