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In earlier blog posts, I shared several solutions to speed up the navigation through Notebooks.

My goal is always the same : being able to “flip the pages” of the notebook, as easily as it would be with a traditional notebook.

  1. The Next Page / Previous Page buttons are a good solution (see this blog post), albeit with a drawback : those button don’t show up automatically in Full page mode.


Previous Page & Next Page buttons, added to the Quick Access toolbar


2. A Table of Content, in a Docked page is also an excellent solution – although not universal (you need to create a Table of Content first !) – best suited for wide screen. See this other blog post.

3. There is actually another solution, where the Next Page / Previous Page buttons show directly on the upper right corner in Full page view.

To get them, a little preparation work is needed :

  • Make sure the “insert long printout on separate pages” option is ticked
  • Find a PDF with 10 pages (or more)
  • Insert this PDF (from within OneNote), or Print-it (from any PDF reader), using the “Send to OneNote 2013” printer
  • Erase the content of each page (the frame containing the PDF page, and the title)
  • I suggest to define page 2 and further as “sub-pages”, and to erase the title of these pages (you will have more space to write)
  • Keep this set of pages in your Quick Notes section, for later use
  • Voilà !

Now, when you switch to Full page mode, the buttons show in the upper right corner, just below the button which allow to switch back to Normal View :

LIRE AUSSI  Navigation (Quick Access Toolbar)

Note that this trick allow to navigate within a set of pages (whose number is the number of pages of your PDF file, or less, if you delete some of them), but not outside.

That’s why in the last page the button “Next Page” is greyed (desactivated).

Note that this workaround is best suited :

  • for notes taken with the stylus in a touch screen device (if you have a keyboard and mouse, you can navigate easily with Ctrl Page Up & Ctrl Page Down or hovering the mouse over the list of notes’ pane while pressing Ctrl) ,
  • when you want to work in full page.


This is not a flexible solution, because :

  • you will not be able to insert new pages in the middle of your prepared set of pages,
  • you can’t save the set of pages as a template (a template is limited to one page). But you can export it as a OneNote section package.


Nevertheless, with some practice, it may help you navigate into a several pages’ meeting minute, while staying in full page mode.

Thanks to @bradenroad24 who first uncovered this great trick on Twitter ! Don’t hesitate to refer to his original post :

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