Scratch !

This week, while attending the OneNote Learn Conference 2016  , I discovered something which I was dreaming of since the launch of Nebo in August (if you haven’t heard of it yet, please refer to my blog post on this awesome software) : the possibility to scratch a handwritten note within OneNote Desktop.


To activate this feature you simply have to remove the tick on the “Disable the scratch-out gesture while inking” box on File>Options>Advanced options>Pen :


Then, this feature (which is not new) becomes available again : simply draw 3 horizontal lines, of similar size.

Of course, there are shortcomings, and this is possibly the reason why this feature is disabled by default :


My thanks to Mathew Gilbertson from Tablet PC who used this hidden feature on its video for the OneNote Learn Conference 2016. I strongly suggest you watch his video : he emphasizes the benefit of digital ink (as compared to keyboard input) for learning and thinking. See this document for more details.

More details on reddit.

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