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Despite its powerful OCR, and keyword search’ ability, you may struggle to find a particular note, especially in a large notebook.

In this case, it may be useful to rely on several search’ methods :

  • Page’ date : My titles always start with the date, which allow me to retrieve easily a note taken during an important meeting or visit : for those special events, I may be able to remember the date (or look back at my agenda) ;
  • Keywords : this is definitively the most powerful search method, but when keyword are becoming generic words, and are consequently used in many notes, it may not be enough ! (to increase the focus or your keyword’ search, use several keywords separated by AND : look at this post for more details) ;
  • Recent edit : an additional method which I discovered recently, allow you to look for recently modified notes : those notes may not have been written recently, but rather annotated recently, thus a different way to locate them !


A last search method is available, for shared notebook : by author.


With those various search’ methods, each being appropriate depending the circumstances, you shouldn’t take long to find your notes !

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