Narrow your Search

OneNote seeks in pages, and their title.

Results are sorted by :

  • Recent
  • In title
  • On page

It also search through images, as long as this option is activated (in File/Options/Advanced) and even in audio or videos (in File/Options/Audio & Video).

Use quotes to indicate you look for the exact expression within quotes (sequence of words in that order).

Use OR & AND operators to refine your search.

Smart combination of both will yield less numerous, more focused results : especially useful if your notebook is big !

Keyboard shortcuts are :

  • Ctrl + E search everywhere,
  • Ctrl + F search in current page.


Further reading : Blog Microsoft


Updated 26/02/2016 : after Marjolein Hoekstra warned me that in my previous example (“OneNote 2016” AND “tips”), the AND operator was totally useless !

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