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Export (or Send) a note in .pdf format is straightforward :

  • File/Export/PDF (*.pdf)
  • File/Send/Send as PDF


Removing the footnote in the resulting .pdf is not obvious although !

The turnaround consists in File/Print/Print Preview, then select the option that suits your mood. Then, even if you don’t print, OneNote will memorize your setting for the next export or send.

Four options : section, page number, both or nothing.



Moreover, if you haven’t defined a page size (the so called “automatic” size, which is set by default), you may have trouble when exporting or sending a note as PDF :

My original note…


The resulting PDF with the right part of my note cut : portrait’ format is clearly not appropriate !


In this case, select Landscape format with File/Print, and choose the Microsoft Print to PDF printer !

There aren’t as many options as in Word, where you can select the scale, print several pages with fixed height or width… but this may help nevertheless !



Nota 04/01/2019 : The resulting PDF carries the selected gridlines, but not the background colour ! (as per Reddit user MasterTexman)

LIRE AUSSI  Insert printout issue with PDF on W10 - solved !

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