OneNote Learn conference is back in 2017 !

OneNote Learn conference is back in 2017 !

The Learn OneNote conference is back this year, promising to be stronger and better !

The agenda is dense, with 4 to 5 topics covered each day, for 7 days.

OneNote showcases in Education and Business will be broadcasted from 8:00 to 12:00 in the morning (PST time), meaning they will be live on the late afternoon / evening in Europe.

I will be sharing a smart technique to stay organized, manage a team, keep track of their tasks / assignements, and get things done even during hectics work hours, full of interruptions.

This technique doesn’t require any other program, avoiding the complexity or redundancy involved with other tandem-solutions.

By the way, as far as business productivity is concerned, the scope covered during the conference will be amazing :

  • Introduction to OneNote & Teams, by Kelly Marshall (OneNoteNote + Microsoft team)
  • Bullet Journal-style Notebook in OneNote, by Michele Christe​nsen
  • Making OneNote Your Secret Productivity Weapon, by Art Gelwicks (Task management)
  • 5 Steps for Succeeding with Personal Productivity using Microsoft OneNote, by Ståle Hansen (Pomodoro technique)
  • Team Productivity with OneNote, by Ståle Hansen (OneNote + Microsoft Planner + Jira)
  • Building a Workflow with OneNote and Outlook, by Noah Scherer (OneNote + Outlook)
  • OneNote for Business: Expert Secrets, by Walter Terry
  • The Ultimate OneNote Organizer: Checklists, Forms and Templates, by Sandy Morgan

I have highlighted above only some of the sessions that fall under the “Business Productivity” umbrella, but there are others scheduled (from “pen & paper to digital”, “One note with OneDrive”, “Onetestic”, “presenting wirelessly”) that may interest you as well.

LIRE AUSSI  Going digital...and staying productive !

So, look at the agenda in the Learn OneNote Conference 2017 web site, curated by Jared de Camp, get your free ticket, and enjoy attending…and learning !

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