New blog hosted in Azure

Since I was awarded OneNote MVP, and got credited with a subscription to Azure, I was eager to make use of it, to discover its power.

Also, I was willing to upgrade my blog, to offer a better experience to my visitors, and ease the switch between articles in English and articles in French.

Combining both resulted in hosting my former blog in Azure, with a custom domain name, which I proudly introduce to you today !

Since I am neither an IT guy, nor a webmaster, I was a bit overwelmed at first. But setting a WordPress Web App in Azure was the easy part, really.

All you have to do, is click on +New, and search for WordPress in the Search field

Azure handles everything smoothly, and creates automatically a database on one hand, and the files necessary to a web site on the other hand (.php , .css… files organized according to the right directory structure), even if you have no knowledge at all.

Actually, the trickiest part was to set the bilingual environnement (thanks to the Polylang plugin), and make the association between past post in English with past post in French without messing around.

But the technical hurdle being overcome, it’s time to enjoy !

Thanks for reading, and feel free to share your own experience.


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