Plot a 2D Graph

New !   OneNote for W10 allows to plot a 2D graph of an equation.


Ink your equation, select it (lasso) and head to “Math



This is a great new feature : anyone will now love maths, thanks to the combination of ink, colours and visual appeal of graphs !

You may watch the Microsoft video to see how it works (especially with the ability to adjust the a & b variable).

As a matter of fact, this feature was already available in OneNote Online, although much less intuitive (and requesting an internet connection !).

In OneNote Online, click on Office Add-in to open a window with a list of available add-ins

Select “Graph My Equation” in the store to install the add-in

Type your equation

And here it is !


Nice to see that it’s now a full fledged feature.

Would you like to share your best graph with me ?



Nota 07/05/2017 : there is a new add-in available in the Store : Symbolab.

It is better than the previous one, because it copes with multiple equation :

Anyway, there are plenty of choice now (without even mentioning GeoGebra, which OneNote can embed)…

Nota Sept. 2017 : in addition to plotting 2D graph, OneNote also calculates key features such maxima, minima or axes intercepts.

Nota March 2018 : Geogebra not anymore embedded ?


LIRE AUSSI  Plot 2D graph enhanced

Nota 21/07/2018 : OneNote UWP can also cope with multiple equations, probably since May 2018 although Microsoft description (“Graph of multiple functions”) and illustration (  h(x)=x2 – 4 ) is misleading.

Nota 21/08/2018 : now available in OneNote Online as well :

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